Our Story

Who Created Combat Socks?

I'm Adam Sculthorpe, founder of Combat Socks.  Our Shopify store opened in July 2017.  I started this social enterprise to help my young children (ages 5 and 7) to learn about business, empathy and the value and importance of having a sound social conscience..

Why Socks and Why Combat Socks?

I'm a huge fan of Shark Tank and Dragon's Den. One night in 2016 I was watching Shark Tank and saw a pitch given by Griff and Lee, both former Army Rangers that served in Afghanistan.  I felt inspired and loved the social conscience part of Griff and Lee's business but my immediate thoughts were, "Why flip flops?" There are bigger markets. My next thought was, "Why not socks?". I immediately registered the domain, “combatsocks.com”, with a view to making something happen this year. And so here we are - doing it!

More About the "combat" Part

For as long as I can remember as a child, my life has been about survival and "combating" adversity. I literally had to fight for my life from the age of 7 on many occasions.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood, living in an abusive home with a violent mother and step father. I was also bullied at school but made friends with another kid who was into boxing. Together my friend and his brothers helped me learn how to defend myself and I later joined a Kyokushin Karate club where I perfected my fighting skills and developed my interest and passion for fitness.

I'm grateful for the challenges I grew up with because they left me with an overwhelming desire to protect others, resulting in a successful career protecting and helping others in many ways, including time spent in the British army as a soldier and a successful career in physical and cyber security.

Throughout my life I've helped raise money for many children's charities.  But now I want to help people "combat" adversity in a different way and help those that have helped others and dedicated their lives to it.

Our mission is to support that have intentionally put themselves in harms way and suffered as a result of their commitment to serve.  The military is an essential component of freedom and without it we'd all be suffering far more than we are today.


The Combat Socks Mission - How We Help

Our concept is simple: The high quality socks we sell are generally sold in packs of three, and for each pack we sell at full price we'll donate a pair to a veteran in need.

    The causes will be localized and tailored for each country. For example, if you buy in the U.S., we'll give to U.S.-based organizations; if you buy in Canada, we'll give to Canadian-based organizations. We'll keep giving until we've covered every country in the world. This is the way small differences in the lives of others around the world can have a massive effect on the lives of those less fortunate.

    We Can't Succeed Without Your Help

    The only way our business can succeed in doing good, is by selling socks to people that believe in what we're doing – those that believe in helping others. I hope it's you and hope you'll buy Combat Socks.

    If you do buy Combat Socks, you'll be reminded of the good you've done every time you put a pair on. I believe there's no better way to start the day than by putting on a pair of Combat Socks while going out to do battle in your own daily life.

    Whenever you're facing adversity or challenge, you'll know the socks you're wearing and the people that helped you wear them will carry you through the day.  And if you're facing difficulties in your life, I personally want you to reach out and let me know. Nothing makes me feel better than lending a helping hand.

    What You See Now

    Is just the beginning. We know we're light on styles and choices. We haven't added the kids category yet but you can help us fix that by buying our socks and telling your friends about them.

    The more orders we get, the more SKU's we can add,  which then allows us to help more people around the world.  We have access to dozens of high-quality socks for Women, Children and Men but we can't add them until we've proven our concept works.

    How You Can Help

    First like our Facebook Page above, then the best way you can help is by buying Combat SocksYou can also help by sharing our product and website across all your other social media accounts and telling your friends.

    If there are other ways you can help then please contact me directly:

    Email:  adam@combatsocks.com

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Adam P. Sculthorpe