Our Story


The Combat Socks Mission

The socks we sell are sold in packs of three, and for each pack we sell at full price we donate a pair to a veteran in need.  Our goal is to give away as many socks as possible.

    If you buy in the U.S., we'll give to U.S. veterans; if you buy in Canada, we'll give to Canadian veterans.  This is the way small differences in the lives of others around the world can have a massive effect on the lives of those less fortunate.

    Veterans Need Your Help

    At the VA medical center in Albany, New York 5,000 to 6,000 veterans per year attend to receive clothing donations, this is just one office in one state - the need for clothing donations for veterans in the U.S. is huge and socks are in high-demand.

    The only way our we can succeed in doing good, is by selling socks to people that believe in our mission – those that believe in helping others. I hope it's you and hope you'll buy Combat Socks.

    If you do buy Combat Socks, you'll be reminded of the good you've done every time you put a pair on. I believe there's no better way to start the day than by putting on a pair of Combat Socks while going out to do battle in your own daily life.

    Whenever you're facing adversity or challenge, you'll know the socks you're wearing and the people that helped you wear them will carry you through the day.  And if you're facing difficulties in your life, I personally want you to reach out and let me know. Nothing makes me feel better than lending a helping hand.

    How You Can Help

    First like our Facebook Page above, then the best way you can help is by buying Combat SocksYou can also help by sharing our product and website across all your other social media accounts and telling your friends.

    If there are other ways you can help then please contact us:

    Email:  help@combatsocks.com