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We're excited to announce our new inventory has landed and it's ready to ship! Check out our 36 new styles and $15 pricing.   Order any 3 packs and get FREE SHIPPING or use your discount coupon. And a big thank you to our loyal customers, we appreciate your support!

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We're excited to announce the Combat Socks store launches on July 27th, 2017 and we'll be offering 50% discount grab bags for Men and Women. Men's Grab BagWomen's Grab Bag Please Note:  All grab bags will be shipped on August 7th. Why "Combat" Socks? The Combat Socks mission is about helping to put quality socks on the feet of people who need them desperately but can't afford to buy them. We began with the idea of helping military veterans, but we’ve expanded our concept to help combat distress, poverty and homelessness for both veterans and civilians in need. When you buy a pack of regular-priced...

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