Message to Our Customers: Shopify Tony Lifted Our Payment Hold

In a dramatic turnaround it seems whoever told me Shopify Tony only works Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM was wrong, I have evidence to the contrary (unless it was a trick) that shows Shopify Tony saving the day at an incredible 0244 AM this morning.

Exhibit A - Shopify Tony saves the day (while I'm still sleeping)

And where was I when this happened?  

Snoozing my pretty little head off, until 0730 AM that's right it looks like Shopify Tony was up earlier than me and I have to give him credit for that, and for saving the day.

Also, a special thank you to Shopify Stephanie on Twitter for elevating the priority of our ticket and to Shopify Tony for fixing our issue first thing this morning.

Now we can get on with the business of putting socks on the feet of people that need them!

I'm going to donate an extra pack of socks from Shopify Tony and Shopify Stephanie to a local homeless shelter, because they did come through and I'm happy they did.

Thank you everyone for your support!